Season 1 Episode 15: We’re back! Chicago Trip; Ronnie Meets Erwin Lutzer; and Forgiveness

This week on “For The Love Of Us” Podcast: We’re back! Recovering from the trip to Chicago; First time seeing some friends since 2006; The Pacific Garden Mission; Peek-a-boo; staying with Jerry and Rhonda; Ronnie had a great time as… Continue Reading →

Season 1 Episode 11: Trip to Florida; No Chemo; Mermaids and Easter Sunday!

This week on “For The Love Of Us” Podcast we talk about our trip to Florida; No injections this week; News from the oncologist: No Chemo!; Peace from God about not having chemo; Starving tumors; Putting it behind us, but… Continue Reading →

Season 1 Episode 13: Cinderella; Carey’s new hair-do; Tree falls to the storm; Ronnie’s greatest fears.

This week on “For The Love Of Us” Podcast: Cinderella before Star Wars; $20 Bucks; First date; Ballroom Dream; Cinderella vs. Everafter; Homelessness; Cazarries; Calynn did good at the movie; Carey’s hair-do; Never completely satisfied; Storm brought down a tree… Continue Reading →

Season 1 Episode 7: The Day of the Surgery

Start out the day running late (as usual); marked for surgery; radioactive injection; then waiting. Family and friends arrive. Pre-op. Surgery. Tense waiting. Bad news / good news. Surgery complete with a sweet visit in the recovery room. Waiting in… Continue Reading →

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