This week on “For The Love Of Us” Podcast: We’re back! Recovering from the trip to Chicago; First time seeing some friends since 2006; The Pacific Garden Mission; Peek-a-boo; staying with Jerry and Rhonda; Ronnie had a great time as the preacher’s conference; Ronnie preaches at Victory Baptist Church and Sonrise Baptist Church; The food was awesome; Buca di Beppo vs. Bee’s; germ-a-phobe; Hockey; Seminoles vs. Blackhawks; The Cub’s room; Navy Pier; Carey’s rack (and a half) of ribs at the Patio; Evan’s guest appearance; Ronnie met Erwin Lutzer; did Ronnie ditch Carey; Beth Moore brushes and old man’s hair; We do not have home field advantage anymore; Whose fault is it; Keep it between the ditches; Are churches preaching a true gospel; The pursuit of a holy life; Thank God He constrains us; What we have endured has changed us; Forgiveness; Coldness in our hearts; God’s timing; Volunteers for the nursery; God: “I mean what I’m saying!”; Persecuted church; We are called to love, Speak the truth in love; Breakout session; Carey has a surgery coming in June; New series at church; Hi Courtney!; Puppies; Grand-pups; and Ready to get out of town!